Protective Styling

Hello curly-girls, I decided to do a protective style just to simply get my hands out of my hair. It was definitely time for a break; not to mention that here in KCMO its been between 20-30 degrees (Winter is here y’all).

So I recently crocheted some faux locs in my hair on December 19, 2015. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do so but after watching tons of diff youtube vids, I convinced myself I could. Sorry I didn’t record this install I’m still working on getting a camera lol.

For those that are not sure what protective styling may be:

Protective Styling: A hairstyle that helps protect the ends of hair from dehydration and damage, by eliminating the need for mechanical manipulation, (combing, brushing, picking, etc.) and shielding against environmental exposure, (i.e. sun, heat, cold, wind). Some examples are buns, braids, twists, ponytails and various head coverings.

So here’s a collage:


I’m not the best at braiding, so I had my lovely big cousin Ashley braid me up. Technically the braids don’t have to have to be perfect but, im cut from a different fabric LOL and whenever my hair gets done it has to be perfect or I will take it all down. Simple as that! This style only takes 2-3hrs but, if you have a big head and thick hair like myself and underestimate the amount of hair you should buy, then your going to finish the next day after going back to the hair store (SMH…SOML).

So I purchased a total of 8 bags for $8.99 using this brand and also a crochet hook of your choice. Purchased my hook from a local hair store for a $1.49.

20151229_212600000_iOS  hair crochet hook

And yes it is possible to do different styles check me out below

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also curls its very important to keep your edges moisturized and scalp oiled as well. It’s not a good feeling to have to have dry scalp and braids it tends to get sore and also breaks (OUCH).

Until next TTYL BooCakes MUAH!!!!!



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