Got dry or itchy Scalp???

OK, so I’m not sure who is suffering from itchy scalp at the moment, but this gal right here is definitely going through the struggle right now LOL.

So let me take it back to my relaxed days. I rarely had dry itchy scalp unless it was time to shampoo for that month or I just sprayed entirely to much oil sheen in my hair. So now being natural for almost 3 yrs (Feb 14th), this is the first time I’m having to deal with my scalp itching this bad.

So here’s a few reasons you could be dealing with dry itchy scalp:

  • Dandruff
  • Scalp psoriasis
  • Product build-up
  • Dry skin
  • Weather change (in my case)
  • An allergic reaction  (synthetic, human, or mixed blend weaves)

So im sitting here digging and scratching like wth is going on with my scalp? And then this light-bulb blinks in my head…….CHANGE OF WEATHER HMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

So here is a few ways you can nip that dry itchy scalp in the bud:

   1. Aloe Vera: In case you decide to try the ACV, consider having some aloe vera gel on hand to soothe any stinging sensations that you may get. Aloe Vera can be used straight from the plant, or the organic gel can be bought commercially. Naturally emollient and calming, it is a great balm for the scalp that will also soften the hair and feed your roots.

 2. Apple Cider Vinegar: A staple in the world of hair care, when diluted with water apple cider vinegar is used for its clarifying properties as well as its ability to help reduce hair porosity as a rinse due to its low pH balance. It also has anti-bacterial qualities that make it particularly helpful in treating an itchy scalp that is caused by bacteria build-up, and against any fungal condition (yeast on the scalp). Yeast don’t like an acidic environment so swabbing the scalp with an ACV solution can be helpful. Just be careful to make sure that you dilute it enough to a level where it is comfortable enough to put on your scalp, or else it will sting like crazy, especially if you have any abraded skin. The raw, unfiltered organic ACV is the best kind.

3. Tea Tree Oil: Melaleuca Alternifolia, or simply “Tea Tree Oil” is ubiquitous in shampoos and conditioners for this very condition in large part due to its highly antiseptic qualities. It’s a triple threat to scalp irritations because of its anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Again, Tea Tree Oil should not be used full strength and is best when used with a carrier oil. Which brings us to my fav oil and is taking care of my itchy scalp as we speak………

4. Coconut Oil: Ever seen a moldy coconut? That’s because the capyrilic acid in coconuts inhibit the growth of fungus. Incidentally, caprylic acid is also an active ingredient in a lot of vitamin supplements for women who are trying to suppress an overgrowth of candida (yeast) throughout the body. As always, look for the unfiltered, unrefined, organic extra-virgin coconut oil, cold-pressed if possible. It’s especially effective when infused with a few drops of tea tree oil.

Until next time TTYL Boocakes MUAH!!!!!!




5 thoughts on “Got dry or itchy Scalp???

    1. Just pick one at a time and see what it does for your hair …. The coconut oil made my scalp feel so much better. Cause you coconut oil is not good to use on your hair during the winter because it makes it hard but my scalp needed it. And now I’m itch free LOL


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