CurlyGirl Rachelle

This is a segment of,”What about ya Curlfriends?”

So I got to put my hands in the lovely hair of Rachelle (My Bestfriend, my sister) LOL. The style that she wanted to achieve, was a flat twist w/perm rods on the ends. So this is what we used ……… 1448471164980 Totally disregard the organix line, because we only used the water, and creme of nature line of course. Rachelle’s hair had already been co-washed; and deep conditioned so we skipped that step. I used the L.O.C Method on her (Leave-in, Oil, and Creme) applying the creme of nature products to her hair, and of course the argan oil eco styling gel for hold. The L.O.C method promotes maximum moisture retention by using a double sealing technique to prevent moisture evaporation from the used leave-in conditioner. Hair stays moisturized longer. So I parted small sections going around her head flat twisting them to the ends, and following with perm rods. Rachelle sat under the dryer for an hr (by the way she complained the entire time about her eyebrows and face drying up because of the heat LOL), using the creme of nature argan oil to unravel the twist so that the hair would not frizz.

So anyway this was the ending result and she absolutely loved it 🙂


So until next time TTYL BooCakes MUAH!!!!!




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