CurlyGirl India

This is a segment of, “What about ya curlfriends?”

So I hung out with my girl India (My cousin) when we get together we always have a good time, just talking about any and everything LOL. So India was having some major issues with keeping moisture in her hair as well as dry scalp.

So what I found in the Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology about moisturizing (Getting down to the nitty gritty lol). Hydrating substances are used in cosmetic products to reduce moisture loss from the product during use and to increase the moisture content in material that is in contact with the product. This function is generally performed by hygroscopic substances or humectants, which are able to absorb water from the surroundings. hygroscopy is the ability of a substance to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment, through either absorption (taking in), or adsorption (sticking to, as in humectants).

So I went head and shampooed with the  Line Shea Moisture-moisture retention shampoo. Deep conditioned for an hr with MY FAV Tresemme’ Naturals conditioner. I made an oil mix using; extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Now reason being its winter time here in KC; coconut oil in cool environments gets rock solid causing the hair to become dull and stiff, and in hot environments melt. So image coconut oil during the winter in your hair, not a good idea! But because coconut is a good oil for moisture when you mix the two (olive oil and coconut oil mix 30/70) together it evens it out, the oil stays in the liquid form and you still get the moisture and shine you want. I also used a leave-in conditioner by creme of nature Argan oil from Morocco.

So all she wanted was a simple two-strand twist (my go to style). I used the product line Curls #frizzfreecurls, Creme brulle whipped butter and Goddess curls gel for a nice hold. Diffused her hair with my Yellowbird blow dryer and sent her on her way.


India attended a Christmas party and this was her look for the night 🙂


Until next time TTYL BooCakes MUAH!!!!




2 thoughts on “CurlyGirl India

  1. Love it and you! This is what you are supposed to be doing and I’m so happy you found something that you enjoy doing. I will be back very son luv. 😙😙


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