Hello curly girls and guys! My name is Misha and I am a proud mother of two crazy boys (Micah 6 yrs and Ky’Rie 3 yrs), in a relationship with my high school sweetheart Kendall. I have been gone for quite sometime, ya know dealing with life’s trials and tribulations. I thought I’d been gone so long that their was no coming back but, I missed my blog. It was my baby! I had been through some shit dealing with the loss of a job, lost my house, depression, weight gain, my relationship was an emotional rollercoaster. Nothing made sense to me nor why it was happening. Then one day; I heard my Jesus say, “be still”. And I did that exactly, I gave all my troubles and stress to him. What I’m saying is, God uses trials to shape us into the type people we have to be in order to fully enjoy the future opportunities he has prepared for us. So I’m back and staying to watch it blossom. 

I was once told by a wise man, “Never be afraid to fall apart because  it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along”. And man I love the women I’m growing into.

So what exactly is this blog about? Very simple this is my SEASON!!!! This is the new me saying HELL YES🤣, to all positive things that shine down on me. I will hold on to those ideas and create a reality for not just myself and my love for elevating, but others out there that want to experience positive creativity. You will soon learn my passion for natural hair, wine, DIY, coffee, and yoga. So let me not talk your heads off lol……

……….Here goes nothing.